The 2023 ThreeBestRated® Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gaby Doumit – Breaks Five Biggest Myths On Plastic Surgery

Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 1:01pm UTC

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Medicine always had exceptional growth in all aspects. Surgeries today are highly innovative and their complexity has been reduced to the maximum level to have a high success ratio. Many surgeries remain strange to a common individual. One such practice is plastic surgery which is in simple terms the process of repair, reconstruction, or replacement of physical defects of form or function. Plastic surgery is one of the most unacquainted fields of medical science for common people. It is so due to various myths concocted around the topic. Dr. Gaby Doumit, The 2023 ThreeBestRated® award winner as the best plastic surgeon in Montreal considers it is his responsibility to clear the myths built around plastic surgery. Here is a quick list of the most common myths revolving around plastic surgery. They are,

Myth #1 — Plastic Surgery Is Done With Plastic

This is the most common myth an individual would have heard at least once in his lifetime. Plastic surgery is named so from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means to malleable or mountable. Therefore there is no plastic involved in the process. In general, it is the process of reshaping the tissue, hence named plastic surgery. Materials like Gore-Tex, silicone and medpor with silicone are most commonly used.

Myth #2 — It is for Celebrated & Rich People

The limelight of celebrated & rich people led to this common myth that plastic surgery is highly expensive and a luxury for common people. It is totally a misinterpretation, the predominant part of common people around the globe opts for plastic surgery. Most surgeries are affordable than in the past for a common individual. There is no cost barrier to reinstate their confidence by making changes in their appearance with aesthetics.

Myth #3 — Plastic Surgeries Are Scarless

Don’t be hoaxed but the fake claims that plastic surgery always has scarless procedures. A good plastic surgeon can take pride in their output with their quality of incision closures. But it is equally important to explain the effects of the process. All surgeries mend with scars, it is solely the skill of the surgeon to diminish the visibility. Genuine post-operative care will always clear scars with no time.

Myth #4 — Plastic Surgery Stops Aging.

It is the funniest myth, A human is just another animal. It would be hilarious if humans claimed that they could beat nature. It is a law of nature that one will grow old every day. Plastic surgery obviously has nothing to do with it. It helps you look younger — but there is no remedy for natural aging, it is a biological process. Your natural genes will still age and produce their effects on your body. The surgery can only reverse accumulate the signs of aging & it can make you look good to some extent. So be confident in who you are and not the way you look.

Myth #5 — Plastic Surgery Is Risky & Have Heavy Side-Effects

It is obvious that any surgery is risky, Plastic surgeries are no way apart from the fact. Bungle occurs in very rare cases. It is always well and good to go for a highly experienced surgeon to totally avoid this issue.Plastic surgery has no long-term side-effects clinically until it is properly treated according to the instructions of your surgeon.

Modern-day medicine has brought various changes in ways of treatment. The complexity in handling any issue has been broken down and there are various new types of equipment invented to recover an individual from almost all kinds of diseases. Plastic surgery is not an exception. The field had a vast growth as it is associated with a glamorous part of life, says Dr. Gary Doumit who is a renowned plastic surgeon around Montreal and he is always open for consultations. Please don’t hesitate to contact for any queries  —

About   Dr. Gaby Doumit

Dr. Gaby Doumit with more than 16 years of experience in the field, He is an expert in face and body surgery and was invited to join the world-famous cleveland clinic department of plastic surgery as director of craniofacial surgery in 2010. Being the first Canadian to have performed two face transplants makes him a top plastic surgeon and is regularly on call as a guest lecturer at meetings on plastic and reconstructive surgery in the United States and abroad. The specialized state-of-the-art plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures used by him to treat his patients in a humane way makes him a well known plastic surgeon around the globe with excellent success ratio. Dr. Doumit has successfully handled several complex patients who have failed treatment at many large university hospitals in the United States and worldwide. He is one of the few surgeons that perform minimally invasive cosmetic facial surgery through the use of an endoscope (camera). The highly equipped personal clinic of his own will impress you on your first sight. He has been felicitated with many awards throughout his career. The 2023 ThreeBestRated® award for best plastic surgeon in Montreal, QC is one among those. The candidate has to pass through the 50 point-inspection to be awarded which considers all factors from experience to even website design.

Dr. Doumit is an expert in treating arm, thigh and body lift, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, lift, reduction and implant removal, cheek and chin implant, buttock augmentation, tummy tuck, neck, lip, eyebrow, facelift, fat injection, chemical peels, liposuction, surgery after weight loss, laser hair removal, skin lesion removal, excess sweating & botox.

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